Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Fri Apr 6 14:47:07 MDT 2001

>> But are they wrong about Nader? Did he or did he not betray this "mass
>> movement?" Should we abandon analysis and let him off the hook?

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Of course it is wrong. Betrayal would describe something like the French
> Communist Party's attitude toward the Algerian war of independence, or the
> Cuban CP's vote for Batista. The notion that Nader is accomodating toward
> Bush is absolutely absurd. He has plenty of faults, but tilting toward the
> Republican Party is not one of them.

You're sure? His abrupt and total retreat from the scene when Bush stole
the election needs explanation.

> To Nader's credit, he has identified
> the Republicans and Democrats as being two heads of the same corporate
> monster.

He came up with that bolt of brilliance? All third party
candidates--left and right--say pretty much the same thing. Remember
Ross Perot?

> The reason that groups like the WSWS website hate him is that he
> is not a socialist. But it would not even be sufficient for him to be a
> socialist.

Their critique of Nader is very principled and clings to no illusions
about what should be expected from such a candidate.

> These creeps accused my own party's leaders as traitors and FBI
> agents during the 1970s because they had a different analysis of black
> nationalism and the Cuban revolution.

Which creeps? The WSWS? The Socialist Equality Party? Or some other
group of Trots?

> Sectarian groups are "correct" in
> the sense that every tentative move toward independent class action will
> be flawed.

So we can dispense with the particularities when they occur.

> It is in the nature of a doing political work in a deeply
> reactionary period in a deeply reactionary country. To avoid making
> opportunist or reformist errors, the best thing obviously is not to dirty
> your hands in the mass movement and issue ultraleft proclamations on the
> Internet.

Little is to be expected from Nader. But we must not criticise him
because he's our only hope. Interesting.

Brian James

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