Nader's Olive Branch

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Fri Apr 6 16:27:48 MDT 2001

Brian, comrade, this is simply a series of non sequiturs? isn't it?

what has the discussion got to do with "tenured radicals" or "academic
Stalinist feminists"?

on top of all,  Nader is no rose without thorns. I, myself, does not find
his green agenda persuasive. Nader is not a marxist nor does he claim to be
one. so what?. but I don't call greens bourgeois traitors or bunch of
assholes either. the problem is to integrate green issues into the
framework of Marxism, not to deny that these problems exist. Greens
identify many problems. yet they are weak in solving them. sorry but by
denouncing Greens left and right, you seem to be on reactionary grounds,
using a marxian verbiage.... are you reading LM nowadays?

then from your own point of view (is yours some form of Trot'ism?),
everyone must a bourgeois traitor----greens, gays, lesbians, animal rights
supporters, feminists, black nationalists, indegenous rights supporters,
third world radicals, etc etc..

adios,  Xxxx

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> From: Brian James <hillbily at>
> To: marxism at
> Subject: Re: Nader's Olive Branch
> Date: Friday, April 06, 2001 5:24 PM
> Martin Zehr wrote:
> > Clearly the analysis of the Nader phenonemon by "leftists" appear to be

> > directed at proving that he is a stooge for the right-wing, another
> > boogeyman of their political world.
> Greens, of course, are beyond left and right.
> > Too bad they are not able to
> > substantiate their allegations of alliance.
> His silence on Bush's theft of the election demands an explanation.
> Without it suspicions will abound. Are you suggesting we just go to
> > The critiques of those who have
> > nothing to say about the struggles of working people and who have done
> > nothing in the last twenty years but establish the world's most refine
> > Politically Correct, culturally sensitive grammar is empty and hollow.
> You're talking about tenured radicals and academic Stalinist feminists
> > They are unlikely to recognize someone who poses the questions of
political power
> > as the primary focus of those who would advocate for a new agenda.
> ...And don't care what he does after that.
> Brian James

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