Nader's Olive Branch

Brian James hillbily at
Fri Apr 6 17:30:46 MDT 2001

Xxxx Xxxxxx wrote:

> Brian, comrade, this is simply a series of non sequiturs? isn't it?

That's what this non-debate is being reduced to.

> what has the discussion got to do with "tenured radicals" or "academic
> Stalinist feminists"?

That was my point exactly, in sarcastic verbiage.

> on top of all,  Nader is no rose without thorns. I, myself, does not find
> his green agenda persuasive. Nader is not a marxist nor does he claim to be
> one. so what?. but I don't call greens bourgeois traitors or bunch of
> assholes either. the problem is to integrate green issues into the
> framework of Marxism, not to deny that these problems exist. Greens
> identify many problems. yet they are weak in solving them. sorry but by
> denouncing Greens left and right, you seem to be on reactionary grounds,
> using a marxian verbiage.... are you reading LM nowadays?

I don't think you've been following the argument. I'm not trying to
expose Nader as a liberal, or anything so obvious. And it's not about
the Greens. I'm raising questions about Nader's apparent betrayal of
even the liberal principles he claims to stand for. During the election
campaign he stated that the two-party system with its corporate
financing is a system that effectively disenfranchises Americans. That's
true, and I'm glad he said it. But when an overt effort to overturn
liberal democracy using Jim Crow methods of disenfranchising segments of
the citizenry was conducted, not a word from our Ralphy. Now he's making
concessions toward the administration that stole the election. What's
with that?!!

> then from your own point of view (is yours some form of Trot'ism?),

I am non-sectarian like the rest o' yez. But I do have an affinity for
the saner end of the Trot perspective.

> everyone must a bourgeois traitor----greens, gays, lesbians, animal rights
> supporters, feminists, black nationalists, indegenous rights supporters,
> third world radicals, etc etc..

Only the ones who prove by their actions to be so.

Is it the policy of the Marxmail list to go along with the "national
reconciliation" process?

Brian James

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