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Fri Apr 6 19:56:02 MDT 2001

I have been receiving the "marxism digest" for a short while now, and I
thought I should write to thank you for providing this forum of discussion.
I have been "lurking" on the listserve and learning a fair bit, I would
say. I have been reluctant to weigh in on any of the discussions because,
although I find myself sympathetic to Marxism, i don't feel that I have
learned enough to really declare myself a Marxist. i have only read a small
portion of Marx's works, and understood, perhaps, half of what I have read.
At 47 years old, I find my education is as far from complete as it ever
was. i have very much enjoyed the discussions on the list, though some of
it seems beyond my intellectual capacity. Some of it irritates me, and some
of it makes me very glad to have the opportunity to read it. In this last
category falls the recent email from Nestor Gorojevsky. I saw the email
where he first suggested that "Vanessa" did not belong on the list. Then I
read the email where he announced that he had corresponded with Vanessa and
had changed his mind about her suitability. This, to me, is true
revolutionary thinking in practice. To examine, to discuss, to remain open
and not feel that one has discovered the one and only key. So, I salute
Nestor for his willingness to consider other views- something I am not
always good at, myself. I salute Vanessa for her determination to work
through her views in plain view of others - even though some of what she
had to say bothered me. To finish up, this list is an important forum of
discussion and learning, for me. So for that I thank you, and the others
who post their thoughts here. I don't spend a lot of time on the net but I
always make time for the digest. Maybe I'll even offer up my thoughts on
specific subjects one of these days.

Louis Proyect
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