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Historical Materialism: research in critical marxist theory

Issue 6 of Historical Materialism is now available. To order please write to
The Editors, Historical Materialism, London School of Economics, Houghton
Street, London WC2A 2AE, UK, or email hm at

Out now: Historical Materialism 6
Alan Shandro: Karl Marx as a Conservative Thinker
Patrick Murray: Marx's 'Truly Social' Labour Theory of Value - Part I,
Abstract Labour in Marxian Value Theory
Deborah Cook: Critical Stratagems in Adorno and Habermas - Theories of
Ideology and the Ideology of Theory
Andrew Kliman: Marx's Concept of Intrinsic Value
Felton Shortall: Reply to Lebowitz
Michael Lebowitz: Answering Shortall
Ben Fine, Costas Lapavitsas, and Dimitris Milonakis: Dialectics and Crisis
Tony Smith: Response to Fine, Lapavitsas and Milonakis
Geoff Kay on Michael Cowen
Michael Cowen on James C Scott's 'Seeing Like A State'
Alan Carling and Paul Nolan on Jared Diamond's 'Guns, Germs and Steel'
Jonathan Joseph on Derrida
Ian Birchall on Romain Rolland

Coming soon: Historical Materialism 7
Tony Burns: Materialism in Ancient Greek Philosophy and in the Writings of
the Young Marx
Chik Collins: Vygotsky on Language and Social Consciousness - Underpinning
the Use of Voloshinov in the Study of Popular Protest
Enzo Traverso: Bohemia, Exile and Revolution: Notes on Marx and Benjamin
Paul Wetherly: Marxism, 'Manufactured Uncertainty' and Progressivism - A
Response to Giddens
Patrick Murray: Marxs 'Truly Social' Labour Theory of Value: Abstract Labour
in Marxian Value Theory, Part II
Geert Reuten: The Interconnection of Systematic Dialectics and Historical
Materialism with an Application to the Debate on the Notion of Abstract
John Kelly: Mobilisation and Class Struggle: A Reply to Gall
Gregor Gall: Debating Mobilisation, Class Struggle and the Left: a Response
to a Reply
Noel Castree on Manuel Castells
Paul Blackledge on Perry Anderson
Paul Jaskot on Marxism & Art History
John Roberts on Adorniana
Andrew Hemingway & Paul Jaskot on TJ Clark
Larry Wilde on Sean Sayers & human nature in Marx

"Historical Materialism is already among the most highly regarded journals
in Marxian theory published in any language. In an age of increasing
specialization, it is committed to high quality articles from across a broad
range of disciplines. If a resurgence of Marxian thinking occurs in the
twenty-first century, Historical Materialism will deserve a good part of the
 Tony Smith (author, Dialectical Social Theory and its Critics, 1993)

"The birth of Historical Materialism was a major event, not only because it
provides a unique forum for non-sectarian Marxist debate but also because it
represents a change in the wind, a really promising sign of socialist
 Ellen Meiksins Wood (author, Democracy Against Capitalism,1995)

UK£15, Europe £16, Worldwide Surface £16/US$25 (surface) or £20/US$32
Student/low income:
UK£10, Europe £13, Worldwide £13/US$20 (surface) or £16/US$25 (airmail)
UK£40, Europe £48, Worldwide £48/US$79 (surface) or £55/US$90 (airmail)

The Editors
Historical Materialism
London School of Economics
Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE UK
email: hm at <>

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