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<< om Dublin City to San Diego
We witnessed freedom denied
so we formed the St Patrick Batallion
and fought on the Mexican side"

-lyrical clip to a song performed by David Rovics

I have absolutely no idea what this event refers to, aside from Irish
immigrants siding with Mexicans during the conquest, but that's just
from the song. Any help here? It seems to have stumped local friends
as well.  >>

I went to http://www.google.com, typed in the words "St. Patrick's
Battalion" and "Mexico", and among other things found this:


Deserters or unsung heroes: St. Patrick's Battalion

The St. Patrick Battalion ( El Batallón de San Patricio) was a unique
unit of the Mexican Army during the Mexican-American War of 1846-1848.
Some say they were heroic men, some say they were just deserters.

What made this outfit exceptional was that it was composed almost
entirely of deserters from the United States Army who, after
defecting, fought on the Mexican side in five major battles.

In Occupied America, Rodolfo Acuña states that "there is ample
evidence that the United States provoked the war...Zachary Taylor's
(General of the US Army of Occupation) artillery leveled the Mexican
city of Matamoros, killing hundreds of innocent civilians with la
bomba (the bomb)...The occupation that followed was even more
terrorizing.  Taylor's regular army was allegedly kept in control, but
the volunteers (about 2,000 in Matamoros) presented another matter.

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