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> > Louis Proyect wrote:
> >
> > > Fighting NAFTA is reactionary? Since when? This was not a campaign to
> keep
> > > Mexican truck drivers from crossing the border.
> >
> > A provision in NAFTA that would allow Mexican truck drivers to enter the
> > US and Canada was vigorously opposed by Pat and Ralphy.
> >
> Free trade nonsense. The logical conclusion of your argument is that since
> both Path and Ralp oppose Nafta, we Marxists should support Nafta. what a
> you really believe in the provisions of Nafta?


Do you really believe Brian supports Nafta? His further remarks, which you
quoted below, belie that. He is questioning the opposition to ONE
provision of Nafta solely because that particular opposition is couched in
classic chauvinist protectionist terms.

> > Marx wrote in a time when the working class had little if anything to
> > lose. Today, as a consequence of the struggles since Marx's time, and
> > some of the internal dynamics of capitalism, workers of the developed
> > world have quite a lot to lose from free trade. Of course they should
> > oppose it. But at the same time they must have solidarity with the
> > workers of the South. The Mexican truck driver issue has been one that's
> > fanned the flames of reactionary chauvenism among workers in America,
> > like opposition to China entering the WTO. That needs to be talked about.
> >
> > Brian


Please note the third sentence down. What could be clearer?

I don't know enough about American politics to know where Buchanan's
support comes from - he's always characterized in the local media
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) as "working class", "blue collar", and so on:
but, I know how reliable the bourgeous press is on matters of class - but
I recognize reactionary chauvinism when I see it.

I believe Brian has a point here - where he is going with that point, I
don't know. Why don't we ask him?

Joan Cameron

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