To Vanessa was RE: Forwarded from Nestor

George Snedeker snedeker at
Sun Apr 8 10:37:48 MDT 2001

I don't understand why so many people on this list are spending time arguing
over Vanessa's  questions and comments. I would have no problems with this
if her questions had as their goal gaining some greater understanding. they
do not. they are a "mind" game that people are falling for. she wants
attention, and we give it to her instead of dealing with more important
matters. Vanessa may need some kind of help, but it is not the kind we can
give her on this list. I suppose someone will actually try to answer the
following remark of hers:>  "negative numbers to the left of zero on the
> number line, and -5 would be to the right of -10" I'm being serious here.
> Left and right are artificial qualifications. They only mean that some
> sat on the left side, and some others st on the right. In fact, when I use
> my number line in mathematics, I could easily make my negative numbers to
> the right and positive numbers to the left, and then just switch to


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