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Sun Apr 8 13:46:12 MDT 2001

I tell you what, Vanessa: When I can get to it, I will answer questions on issues, as
best I can- such as what would a Marxist say about Napster or Gnutella file-sharing?
Since José just answered that one, for example....

When you ask these other more broad questions, if you are as new as you say, then you
need to know: they require books to answer. Simple questions on this or that
day-to-day issue are simple enough to deal with in this forum, and likely would lead
to fun threads for all concerned. Just stay away from the national question and no
one gets hurt.

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> VANESSA: well, see, that's the problem, I don't know that sort of stuff.
> Does it matter at all? I have said many times that I am looking to see if
> left and right classifications mean anything at all. In fact, when I thing
> of left and right, I think: "negative numbers to the left of zero on the
> number line, and -5 would be to the right of -10" I'm being serious here.

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