Nader's Olive Branch

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Sun Apr 8 16:10:06 MDT 2001

>> James Hoffa Junior, led massive rallies of the Union
sector -- AFL-CIO, Teamsters -- at both Seattle and Washington DC, in
which they were joined by Nader. How genuine the support is for these
fascists among the working class <<

JH Junior as fascist????? Give me a break. Since he has taken over the
Teamsters it would be hard to distinguish his activity from any other top
labor official.

The worst, most nationalistic speech at the anti-globalization labor rally
in DC was made by George Becker, the recently retired pres. of the
Steelworkers, who led the successful struggle against Marc Rich's
Ravenswood Aluminum co. If these guys are fascists, then so is most of the
US working class, and we might as well pack it in.

Jon Flanders

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