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Mon Apr 9 11:03:33 MDT 2001

>But IF we had the discussion under socialism.... WHAT METHOD WOULD WE
>SUGGEST..  If programmers did anything they wanted to ("I am expressing
>myself" type programming, as an art!) on *expense of the people*, I would
>oppose that also.  That is not efficient for the society.  But then WE would
>impose rules and regulations, standards, etc. to also introduce efficiency,
>speed, reliability.  We are back at the same place.  Maybe programming is
>NOT a place for expressing your artistic talents??? :)
>Any suggestions?

Kenan, I suspect that object orientation will definitely be the approach
under socialism, since we want to mimize labor expenditures and maximize
output. The big difference is that under socialism, the amount of hours in
a work week should be gradually reduced until something like a 10 hour week
is feasible. Under those conditions, any kind of alienating work might be
tolerable since we enjoy so much free time and since we understand that it
is for the common good. Right now it seems like many of these Java
programming jobs, no matter how much they pay, are a real turn-off since
they combine 90 hour work weeks with highly compartmentalized tasks.

Louis Proyect
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