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Mon Apr 9 16:01:47 MDT 2001

Mark Weigand is a regular on the Progressive Sociologists list, but I found
his piece rather conventional if not anti-Communist in its analysis.

At 05:55 PM 4/9/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Is Mark W. a leftist ? Amazing, a rightish libertarian writes a great
article on this incident and a leftwinger writes a terrible critique of it.
What gives ?
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>Interesting article and somewhat surprising considering the source. I
>am not a militarist but I am a sociologist with and interest in
>military and governmental affairs, and want to raise some counter
>points to this article:
>[] Every country with a decent air force engages in airborne
>surveillance. This includes surveillance of both enemies and
>allies. It seems to me that of all forms of military activities, the
>gathering of intelligence--as long as it is non-violent--is the most
>defensible. We need to know what is happening in other countries. Spy
>satellites have replaced much surveillance using airplanes. This is
>obviously a less dangerous and better alternative.

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