FW: Capitalism as psychosis

Marta Russell ap888 at SPAMlafn.org
Mon Apr 9 18:52:04 MDT 2001

Nearly two decades ago, Harvey Brenner demonstrated a stable
correlation, going back 127 years, between rates of unemployment and
rates of mental hospital admissions in the US.  (Philip Eisenberg and
Paul Lazarfield (1938) "the Psychological Effects of Unemployment"
Psychological Bulletin 35 (June) 358-90.)
Perhaps the debilitating effects of chronic unemployment are taking
hold in Russia.

Marta Russell

Barry Stoller wrote:
> Moscow Times. Monday, 9 April 2001. Psychosis on the Rise.
> One-third of Russians are suffering from mental disorders, the number of
> which has steadily grown in the past few years, doctors said.
> According a report by the Society of Russian Psychiatrists, cited by
> Interfax on Friday, up to 10 million Russians suffer from such disorders
> as alcoholism and drug addiction.
> Cases of psychosis and retardation grew by more than 40 percent in the
> past decade [note that], while cases of schizophrenia went up by 25.5
> percent, according to the report.
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