HSCOM: Memories of a Hunger Strike - CD Launch

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Mon Apr 9 19:39:01 MDT 2001

9 April 2001
Press Release

Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee

Memories of a Hunger Strike - CD Launch

The Hunger Strike Commemoration Committee (HSCOM) and the families of
Derry Hunger strikers Patsy O Hara and Michael Devine held the world
premier launch of the CD entitled 'Memories of a Hunger Strike',  at
Rafters Bar, Branch Road, Derry on Friday April 6th.

Tony O Hara, ex Blanketman and HSCOM International Coordinator,
outlined the current purpose of the HSCOM and spoke about the present
situation in which 20 years later, prisoners are still being
criminalised. He emphasised what a tragedy it would be if the current
struggle for political status escalated into another hunger strike.

John Nixon, who was 51 days on Hunger Strike during the 1980 protest,
gave a moving account of the Blanket protest and facing the
possibility of impending death on hunger strike. He recounted how the
hardship and beatings that he and his comrades suffered, coupled with
psychological torture and deprivation, made the H-Blocks a
battleground that became the cornerstone for the struggle for
national liberation and socialism.

"We took the British on with the only thing we had left--our
bodies."  - John Nixon, 51 days on Hunger Strike, 1980.

Dawn-Michele Gould, HSCOM co-PRO, presented framed pictures of the
Hunger Strikers and the Guard of Honour to the families of Patsy O
Hara and Michael Devine on behalf of HSCOM.

Louise Devine, daughter of Michael Devine, and Peggy O Hara, mother
of Patsy O Hara, presented the pictures to Dawn on behalf of the
families. They also presented commemorative CDs to John Nixon and the
artists that performed on the 'Memories of the Hunger Strike' CD.

More launches will follow in the coming months in Belfast, Dublin,
Armagh, Tyrone, Cork, Glasgow, London, New York, Washington DC,
Seattle, San Francisco, and Austin, Texas.

Tony O Hara
International Coordinator
hscom_2001 at yahoo.com

Danielle Ni Dhighe
Press Relations Officer
nidhighe at hungerstrike.org

Dawn-Michele Gould
Press Relations Officer
hscom at irelandsown.cjb.net

The brother of hunger striker Patsy O Hara formed the Hunger Strike
Commemoration Committee in 2000 and its membership includes Irish
Republican activists in Ireland, Britain, and North America.

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