Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue Apr 10 14:38:18 MDT 2001

1.) Just saw Lawrence of Arabia over the weekend in new DVD
format/version. didnt know this, from IMDB:

Lawrence Without Lawrence?

Credits in the DVD version of Lawrence of Arabia fail to credit
T.E. Lawrence as a writer, the co-author of a history of the film has
pointed out. In an email letter, Robert Morris (Lawrence of Arabia:
The 30th Anniversary Pictorial History) noted that "The official
credits as decided upon by the WGA are as follows ... 'Screenplay by
Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson, Based on the life and writings of
Colonel T.E. Lawrence.' ... The credits for the film must be
corrected!" The original film failed to credit Michael Wilson, who had
been blacklisted by the film industry, in the North American release
in 1962. Wilson, however, was given credit at the time on prints
released everywhere else in the world.

other movies by Wilson:,+Michael+(I)

2.) also from IMDB: Russian Filmmakers Protest Putin's Decree On

Touching off an uproar among Russian filmmakers, President Vladimir
Putin is privatizing Mosfilm, the country's leading studio, but
keeping its library. In an interview with the London Financial Times,
former Mosfilm Deputy Director Abdurakhman Mamilov denounced the
action: "This decree means [Mosfilm] will lose its main source [of
funds]," he said. "This is robbery. It is as if President Bush took
away all the film rights from Universal." The FT observed that since
government support for filmmakers ended after the fall of the Soviet
government, Mosfilm had existed largely on royalties from the library
paid to it by TV stations, movie theaters and home video distributors
in Russia and abroad. The English-language Moscow Times said that
currently an average Russian film earns only about $150,000 to
$200,000 from movie-theater and video sales while costing about
$800,000 to make.

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