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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Wed Apr 11 07:18:43 MDT 2001

(I'm back!)

This is not entirely relevant to the thread, but over the last month or so a
bunch of academics, postgrad students and random citizens have been meeting
to study Marxism here in Toowoomba.

Basically we've got about 30 or so people we circulate the reading to, and
about 18-20 people turn up each week.  The academics and postgrads organise
things, though the rest of us get consulted, and those of us with an
existing background in Marxism get plenty of opportunity to make

There are a bunch of different viewpoints, and there is an obvious academic
slant to things, but the general thrust of things is pretty OK.  In
particular, there is a deep and abiding contempt for all things postmodern.

The readings aren't quite the ones I would have chosen for an introductory
course though:  taking people with no previous exposure to Marxism straight
from the Manifesto to Capital is a bit more ambitious than I would have

Apparently, word of the group is spreading out at the university (University
of Southern Queensland).  There were three new people - undergraduates, I
think - at the meeting last night.

Anyway, to try to make this relevant:  even at little university in a
super-conservative country town, it's possible to get a self-selected group
of people who actually want to learn about marxism together.  As far as I
can tell, it was assembled from the informal networks of "interesting human
beings" that any leftists will build around themselves, just in the normal
course of their lives.

Alan Bradley
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