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Wed Apr 11 08:41:06 MDT 2001

> This is not about cars, etc. It is about political
> beliefs. Since 1980,
> there have been successive waves of expulsions from
> the SWP. Never was
> anybody expelled for disagreeing with the sect
> leader. They were always
> expelled for "indiscipline".

So, what were the REAL reasons for John and Doug's
expulsions? We still don't know.

> Fred was not guilty
> of "indiscipline", only weariness with belonging to
> an abstentionist sect.
> Of course, he would not admit this openly but the
> defense mechanism of the
> human mind is impressive. Who, after all, would
> openly admit that they had
> wasted 40 years of their life. Not everybody is like
> me.

Yeah, I know Fred...Knew him in the Party, too. His
expulsion came either when I was considering leaving
or after I'd already left - don't recall exactly when,
to be honest, but I recall reading the Discussion
Bulletin over the incident and smelling some serious

But what are the real political issues, here? Is there
another power struggle in the SWP afoot? We don't

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