Mark Curtis

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Wed Apr 11 12:00:25 MDT 2001

Yes, he was expelled, but I'm not supposed to know
that. Neither is anyone else, but what are they going
to do, stick my pet rabbit in a blender?

It's actually an interesting story. Mark was expelled,
I believe for soliciting a prostitute. A couple
comrades in the branch, understandably troubled by
this development after the long campaign the SWP ran
to free him, mentioned this to some comrades outside
of the branch. They were expelled for doing so.

The SWP was pretty tight-lipped about the expulsion,
and certainly didn't bring it up at the Party
convention or any other time, at least publicly. So
the CLers probably didn't know, and probably still

--- Xxxx Xxxxxx <xxxxx at> wrote:
> While on the topic of recent SWP expulsions is it
> true Mark Curtis was
> expelled a year or so ago. I asked local CLers in
> Toronto about it at the
> time I heard the rumour and they said they didn't
> know (which seemed odd,
> given his prominence you'd think they'd be quick to
> deny it if it weren't
> true). If he was expelled does anyone know why?

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