Keeping the faith: Cuban Jews

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One other thing...Colombus did speak Spanish, albeit
poorly. His journals and letters to Ferdinand and
Isabella were in Spanish, often with Italian spellings
of similar words thrown in.

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> Remember, they weren't expecting a new group of
> people
> with a new set of languages...They were expecting
> people's of the Far East.

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One of the myths with respect to the origin of the word "Indian" is the
notion that Columbus thought he had hit "India" and therefore named the
indigenous peoples "Indians". Actually, in 1492, there was no such place or
name as India; the whole region was referred to as "Hindustan" by outsiders
and was composed of separate Maharaja-run states. The term "Indian" came
from the reference to indigenous peoples as "Gente en Dios" (People of or
with God) or Los Indios. Further evidence for this notion, is that
indigenous peoples in the now Philippines were also referred to as Los
Indios, and of course the Spanish didn't think that the area of the now
Philippines was also "India".

Jim C

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