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me try again.

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> Was Mark Curtis important enough prior alleged
> frame-up for the SWP to
> launch a huge defence campaign regardless of the
> truth or was he a minor
> figure who the SWP sincerely believed was innocent
> and who came to
> prominence in the party as a result of the Free Mark
> Curtis campaign?

Without making a judgement call, I'm afraid the answer
is probably "yes."

As to the first point, it's not a question of Mark's
importance so much as a question of the opportunity.
The SWP saw an opportunity to build a broad movement
around one of their own. They were right; it brought
the attention of everyone from rank-and-file trade
unionists to the governments of Cuba and South Africa.
Even the Sparts got involved.

As to the second point, I do believe that the SWP
considers (considered?) him innocent. I don't think
the SWP has either the balls (excuse the language) or
the desire to try and protray a rapist as innocent
solely for propaganda's sake.

Observant comrades will note that I haven't said
whether I think he's innocent or guilty. The simple
truth is, I don't know. I have serious doubts in both


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