Doug Jenness

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Wed Apr 11 20:37:53 MDT 2001

On the car-supposedly, he was told to sell the car and give the money to the
party, not the car itself. It would be treated as a bonus, which is expected
to be given in full to the party. Jennifer

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 >Weird...This iimpression that Doug was a full-timer
 >(i.e., on the s stuff I never heard about, though I
 >was under the SWP payroll).
 >The car thing - the SWP does not, to my knowledge, own
 >any cars. That's the responsibility of the individual
 >comrades. I can see them organizing to buy one if it's
 >necessary, but I'm having trouble seeing a situation
 >where the Party would kick someone out for not
 >surrendering theirs. >>

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