a question to Jim was RE: Keeping the faith: Cuban Jews

Gary Maclennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Wed Apr 11 20:49:18 MDT 2001

>One of the myths with respect to the origin of the word "Indian" is the
>notion that Columbus thought he had hit "India" and therefore named the
>indigenous peoples "Indians". Actually, in 1492, there was no such place or
>name as India; the whole region was referred to as "Hindustan" by outsiders
>and was composed of separate Maharaja-run states. The term "Indian" came
>from the reference to indigenous peoples as "Gente en Dios" (People of or
>with God) or Los Indios. Further evidence for this notion, is that
>indigenous peoples in the now Philippines were also referred to as Los
>Indios, and of course the Spanish didn't think that the area of the now
>Philippines was also "India".
>Jim C

Jim,  I hope this is not a naive question. Why if they thought these people
were 'in God' did they start to slaughter them immediately?


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