Doug Jenness

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Wed Apr 11 21:05:49 MDT 2001

Louis wrote:

>Who, after all, would openly admit that they had
>wasted 40 years of their life. Not everybody is like me.

Thankfully, Louis you actually didn't waste any such time.  You, luckily
and happily, got out before the madness took over.  I too was lucky, I went
overseas (to Britain) and there got to see how the US SWP leadership really
operates and was so disgusted I got out at the start of '84.

People like Louis, Gary and I thankfully went on to much more productive
political work and are still active Marxists and will still be so in 10 and
20 years time, whereas people who stuck with the SWP through the 80s and
90s are such damaged goods by now I can't see them playing much of a role
in anything.

As for Jenness, I can only say that since he was a key figure in the
degeneration of the SWP and the development of the whole Barnesite cult, I
feel even less sympathy for him than I do for Barry Sheppard - the last
bigshot cabal member to fall foul of Barnes' demented non-politics.

Since Jenness must be about 60 by now, so if the Barnes Gang are having to
rely on shipping 60 year olds into new target industries, they can't have
much of an organisation left.  Although they certainly have a huge budget.

On the car thing; it is entirely believable that the cabal wanted the party
member to have over the car.  Not because Barnes wants the car, but because
they would sell it.  After all, these are the people that helped drive
someone to suicide by pressuring him not only into handing over his
inheritance to the 'party' but demanding he take his own brother to court
to try to get the brother's share for the Barnes Gang as well.

Personally, I am waiting for the real shit to hit the fan; I expect it will
be like 1956 all over again, except on a toy-town tiny-T(r)ot scale.  It
will certainly be a day for singing and dancing, when the Barnesite
operation finally comes totally unstuck.


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