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>One of the myths with respect to the origin of the word "Indian" is the
>notion that Columbus thought he had hit "India" and therefore named the
>indigenous peoples "Indians". Actually, in 1492, there was no such place or
>name as India; the whole region was referred to as "Hindustan" by outsiders
>and was composed of separate Maharaja-run states. The term "Indian" came
>from the reference to indigenous peoples as "Gente en Dios" (People of or
>with God) or Los Indios. Further evidence for this notion, is that
>indigenous peoples in the now Philippines were also referred to as Los
>Indios, and of course the Spanish didn't think that the area of the now
>Philippines was also "India".
>Jim C

Jim,  I hope this is not a naive question. Why if they thought these people
were 'in God' did they start to slaughter them immediately?


Hi Gary,

What can I say? A contemporary of Columbus, Bartolme De las Casas, a
Dominican priest who witnessed the atrocities of the Spanish, protested at
the time that what they were doing was "unGodly". It should be noted that
even in 1492 there was an evolving body of international law (pioneered by
the Spanish invaders themselves) having to do with "Laws of Discovery"
(recognizing discovery by Indigenous Peoples) and Rights of Conquest (only
in "just" wars) that made Columbus' activities illegal under international
law at the time.

As someone who's mother was a resident of the infamous boarding school at
Ft. Hall, Idaho, where she suffered horrible abuses by the Mormons and other
so-called Christians, and a someone who has interviewed hundreds of victims
of the Residential and Boarding Schools in Canada and the U.S., I guess I
have seen ample evidence of the power to transcend cognitive dissonance
problems by the so-called Christians ( contradictions between: facts vs
belief; belief vs emotion; facts vs emotion) and to rationalize their sick
acquired interests and twisted beliefs with and through their own twisted
interpretations of their "sacred" books and doctrines.

As the nazis were plundering and murdering, each German soldier wore a belt
buckle with the inscription "Gott Mit Uns".

Jim C.

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