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Thu Apr 12 16:39:02 MDT 2001

[ from Mark Jones (Mark, you can use the lineonet acccount to post
from now) ]

Alan Bradley wrote:

> It's true that they initially attempted to use a Roman style army of
> foederati (allies/mercenaries) against the Picts and Irish pirates
> (the "Scots").  These foederati were, of course, the "original"
> "Saxon" "invaders".  (The quotes mean: they were not the first, they
> were of "mixed" origin, and they were the local army, not
> "invaders".)  There also seem to have been Cymry groups from the
> north who were more militaristic, having been allies, rather than
> subjects of Rome.<<

Yeah, yeah, foederati. Shit, I was hoping to hide from the world the
real reason why we lost out: not only did we invent camaraderie, we
were also the true originators of sectarianism. Funny how the 2 go
together. Well, OK, let's talk about the Mabinogion then...

> Nonsense.  Double nonsense when you consider the (Eastern) Roman
> Empire still existed during this period

Well, if you're gonna relocate Constantinople into Europe, I have no
arguments left.


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