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> > As many of you know, in ten days thousands will descend upon Quebec city to
> > protest the FTAA meetings between 34 Western Hemisphere nations.
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> This is a huge mobilization and one of the big unknowns is what will happen at
> the US-Canada border as US activists try to make their way to Quebec City.  It's
> interesting to consider the factors that might dictate the official response.
> Excluding protesters would probably result in the disruption of the border
> across a wide area, stretching the resources of Canadian border officials and
> police and possibly shifting the burden to US authorities. Some anti-FTAA
> protesters are planning to cross the border where it straddles Mohawk land,
> linking the FTAA struggle with longstanding efforts to defend Mohawk
> sovereignty. If the threatened tightening of the border turns out to have been
> mainly a bluff aimed at discouraging attempts to reach Quebec, it might be
> because a total border shutdown would be too disruptive and difficult to repress
> compared to protest in Quebec kept safely behind the 4-meter high security
> perimeter guarded by thousands of cops.
> Stuart


Thousands of Mohawks at the Akwesasne Reserve near Cornwall Ontario are
planning to seize the international bridge and keep it open for

Let's see now, the RCMP felt they had to let the Indonesian bodyguards
keep their guns when they came to the APEC meeting in Canada because,
"when we asked them to leave their guns behind, they just laughed at us."

But, they have to keep protesters out. Right.

In related news, Quebec's premier Landry has been denied permission
to speak at the summit, even though it's being held in his province,
because he might embarass the government by talking about sovreignty. He
may retaliate by attending the People's Summit. This may mitigate some of
the violence that will otherwise take place here. Just imagine if the
premier of Quebec were attacked by Canadian troops!

Those of us who remember the viciousness of the Quebec police during the
Vietnam protests have no illusions about the impending bloodbath. I just
hope our American comrades have no illusions fostered by our international
role as peacekeepers, and come prepared.

Joan Cameron

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