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Further to the correspondence about Cyril Smith, here's an introduction to
and the contents of Cyril's next book.

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This is a report on work done since I wrote MARX AT THE MILLENNIUM.
(Pluto, 1996.) In that book, after decades as an 'orthodox'
Marxist-Leninist, I tried - with great difficulty - to re-examine the
basic assumptions of that body of doctrine and to contrast them with the
actual ideas of Karl Marx.

On the one hand, Marx's humanism had been totally buried by our orthodoxy,
and had to be disinterred. On the other, the pseudo-scientific notions of
historical and dialectical materialism had to be replaced by Marx's
critical-revolutionary thought.

I have since attempted to show more clearly that these two sides are, in
fact, inseparable. For this, it is necessary to probe more deeply into
Marx's critique of Hegel's dialectic and to place both of them more
carefully into the history of philosophy as a whole. These are two aspects
of the new book.

It is often said that the future of humanity is threatened, usually
referring to the degradation of our natural environment. But, even more
deadly a  menace is the constriction of the possibility of human relations
which are actually worthy of the name 'human'. This, I believe, is what
Marx was concerned with, and the rediscovery of his ideas is essential for
social and political action in the twenty-first century.

The book is now available on my home page: www.cix.co.uk/~cyrilsmith
Any comments sent to cyrilsmith at cix.co.uk will be very welcome.

Part 1          Marx's Concept of the Human
        CHAPTER ONE     'The Prospects for Socialism'.
        CHAPTER TWO     Marx Versus Historical Materialism.
        CHAPTER THREE     The Communist Manifesto after 150 Years.

Part 2          Marx's Critique of Political Philosophy
        CHAPTER FOUR    Marx's Critical Science.
        CHAPTER FIVE    Democracy and Property in Athens.
 (a) Plato's Ideal Polis.
 (b) Aristotle.
(c) The Stoics.
CHAPTER SIX     Towards the Modern State.
(a) Scholasticism.
(b) Machiavelli.
(c) Hobbes.
(d) Spinoza
(e) Locke.
(f) Montesquieu.
(g) Rousseau.
(h) Kant.
(i) Adam Smith.
CHAPTER SEVEN    Hegel's Contradictory Summary of the Tradition .
CHAPTER EIGHT    Karl Marx's Critique of Politics.
CHAPTER NINE         Marx, Communism and Revolution.

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