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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sat Apr 14 21:45:02 MDT 2001

The following article is from the Sunday Mail, a particular dimwitted
Murdoch weekly in Brisbane.

I have only forwarded the first couple of paragraphs, as per list policy.  I
don't know how long the article will be available online.

We can expect similar nonsense in other papers.
Children of the revolution
Sunday Mail reporter KIM SWEETMAN joined the student revolutionaries who
plan to bring mayhem to our streets

THEY are training for revolution and they boast that if they wanted to, they
could shut down Brisbane, perhaps the whole country.

While they claim they'll do it without violence, they are preparing for
repeated physical clashes with police.
If their plans succeed, Brisbane's Eagle St will in two weeks' time be
crammed with thousands of people demonstrating against multinational
May 1 will bring demonstrations outside every Australian stock exchange,
along with marches on the headquarters of giant companies around the world.
The organisers, who have tagged the day M1, want it to be at least as big as
the ugly S11 protests in Melbourne last September which brought rare
violence to Australian streets.
"It'd be great if we managed to get the same level of attention they got in
Seattle," one participant said, referring to the scenes of armed guards and
tear gas at the World Trade Organisation meeting in 1999.
Their plans are well advanced. Weekly meetings in classrooms at the
Conservatorium of Music and other venues around the city keep would-be
revolutionaries briefed.
The meetings regularly draw dozens of people. Organisers talk in terms of
thousands of marchers.
Privately, police say the wild-card nature of the organisation could mean
anything from 1000 to 5000 marchers.
They come from a loose conglomeration of left-wing groups.
High-school students are being recruited to the cause. Indooroopilly High
was targeted by representatives of the socialist organisation Resistance on
Wednesday. Kelvin Grove High is pencilled in for April 24 and Brisbane State
High for some time after that.
Resistance is part of the M1 alliance.
A Year 10 student called Stella ("I can't give my last name or my school or
my principal will kill me") works as a recruiter and a spokeswoman for
"We want high-school students to strike on the day and join the protest,"
she told The Sunday Mail.
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