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En relación a Re: "Knowing what to do next",
el 15 Apr 01, a las 8:22, Louis Proyect dijo:

> Personally, I think it is outrageous that somebody like Henry Liu is
> taken to represent "Maoism" on this list. If people can't recognize
> that China is a capitalist country these days, they are pretty
> damned hopeless politically.  --Scott Harrison

>From what I read from him, Scott looks like a "Maoist".  I would
rather slyly point out that

(a) Mao was not a Maoist. He was just Mao. That is, just a radical and
unbending Chinese revolutonary patriot who understood that the destiny
of China was either to follow a socialist path (which does not mean to
impose socialism in a single week, and may include detours and
setbacks) or to be destroyed as a country.

(b) Henry Liu, whether he qualifies to anyone's ideas on Maoism, is
one of the most knowledgeable guys I have read on things Chinese. On
the other hand, he _does_ understand the basic contradiction in this
world, the contradiction that lies between imperialist bourgeoisies
and humankind (particularly, but not only, humankind outside the
borders of imperialist countries).

This was the contradiction that Mao took into account when he
established his strategy, and the only one that should worry people
living in imperialist countries. Scott, I assume, is in such a case. I
would be much more interested in his opinions on how to get rid of his
own bourgeoisie instead of his dismissals of people who could teach
him how to clean his nose when with a flu.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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