On Spruille Braden Delong

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Mon Apr 16 17:40:02 MDT 2001

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Apr 01, a las 16:44, Xxxx Xxxxxx dijo:

> well, Brad Delong is untouchable on pen-l and LBO talk. Whenever he
> goes overboard, instead _him_ apologizing to list members,
> moderators end up apologizing to him, saying something like "I was
> too harsh with Brad; he has a point, sorry Brad, sweat heart"

But while I remained on pen-l I _could_ attack Spruille Braden Delong,
and when I had to leave pen-l due to an excess of mail on
uninteresting (for me) issues, some people wrote to me lamenting that
I would not engage him again. By the way, my attack allowed Louis
Proyect to send an excellent posting on Argentina and Peronism. Let us
not paint pen-l blacker than it is...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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