Was: Spy plane crisis ; now Zionism = ?

Craven, Jim jcraven at SPAMclark.edu
Mon Apr 16 19:29:59 MDT 2001

Response (Jim C) My thanks to Nestor for his thoughtful and very
illuminating responses. My Blackfoot mother embraced and practiced Reform
Judaism, and was also a leftist. Perhaps the views of "real Judaism" that
she shared with me reflected more of her leftist views than her
interpretations of Judaism. But I guess that where I am coming from is in
reading the texts of some of the sacred works of Judaism, I find fundamental
concepts of justice, humility and compassion fundamentally inconsistent with
the past and present practices, alliances and racist perspectives of
Zionism. I say this in the same sense that I find absolutely nothing in the
New Testament that could/would justify raping/molesting Indian children,
using Indian children for medical experimentation etc in the so-called
"Christian" Residential and Boarding Schools; therefore no "real" Christian
would/could ever violate Indian or any other children--for one example. That
is the spirit in which I meant it.

I heard a report that there are some mass desertions going on in the Israeli
Army (and the projections are for even more large-scale desertions) as young
Israelis find it very troubling and very "un-Jewish" to engage in the
nazi-like mass reprisals, collective punishments, assassinations etc of the
Israeli authorities in the occupied territories.

To say that increasingly in Argentina, or anywhere else: "being a Jew has
become more and more the same thing with being a Zionist or a sympathizer of
the State of Israel" I think is to concede what need not be conceded and to
hand the argument over to the Zionists: Zionism = "True" Judaism; and
"therefore", anti-Zionism = Blasphemy against Judaism and/or
Indeed there are some Jewish anti-Zionists for whom anti-Zionism is a
necessary and inexorable expression and stand from their own notions of what
is true Judaism; I guess it was in that spirit (and as an admitted
rhetorical device) that I attacked the Zionists at that meeting (an angle of
attack they were simply not expecting).

Jim C.

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