bourgeois medicine

Marta Russell ap888 at
Tue Apr 17 10:02:09 MDT 2001

Adam Levenstein wrote:
> The New England Journal of Medicine says

Oh the same New Eng. J. of Med that admitted to publishing "findings"
which had been manipulated by corporate money?
> >
> > He can spot a bit of bourgeois shit when he sees it.
> Well, that convinces me. If he thinks it, I should
> too!

The Russian rep said that he could envision poor old disabled people
being killed off for their apartments.  Look it most everyone seems to
see what can happen here.  If you want to remain stubbornly fixed to
your illusions, then do so.  Really I could care less.
> Well, then, what's the point in opposing it? If it
> doesn't matter what the law says, then you're opposing
> it merely for the sake of opposing it.

Because once legalized, we suspect that the abuse will be even greater
and even more obscured from scrutiny.  It raises a horrible precedent.
> > Secondly, if you read what disabled people (THE
> > PEOPLE!) have to say
> > you might learn something.
> Once again we're back to "if ___ thinks it, you should
> too." In logic circles (am I allowed to refer to logic
> here?), it's called the "fallacy of appealing to
> authority."
Nope it is appealing to the thoughts and experiences of people who
have already been abused by the medical profession (which you seem to
think is beyond reproach) and who know how little disabled lives are
valued in our society and how much pressure there is under capitalist
medicine to cut costs.  Many of us also know that force, involuntary
drugging and killing goes on in nursing homes right now as we email,
neither the business owners nor the workers stop it, they live on the
system's failings.  It is a long story and it is a long history.

I don't think you have read enough about what does go on.

You sound like white people back in the pre civil rights days
disclaiming that whites don't abuse black people.   How could these
doctors kill people outright!  They are professionals!  They have a
"law" behind them!  You are the one who sounds like Goebbels whose
government did manage to kill tens of thousands of disabled people for
being "useless eaters" before it got around to killing the Jews.
Neo-liberalism is not much different.

This thread is over on my part, I just don't have the time for it.
Everything one could possibly want to know why disabled persons who
are in the majority are against giving doctors the right to kill is on
those two websites I posted earlier.



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