Oz and the Spy Plane

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Wed Apr 18 15:50:58 MDT 2001

The reporting of the spy plane incident was as one here in the Australian
Media.  Greg Sheridan in the Australian led the way with a headline which
said something like "US Blameless'.

At the weekend, Paul Kelly had a "thoughtful" article on the affair.  Kelly
is not your ordinary run of the mill journo.  He is a leading intellectual
of the right.  However to quote Glenda Close from "Dangerous Liaisons",
'like most intellectuals he is quite stupid'.

In any case his article was designed to illustrate Bush's masterly handling
of the whole episode.  Apparently Bush's genius lay in letting Rice and
Powell take charge of the whole business. How brilliant of him!

However beneath the sycophancy there was an undertow of anxiety and perhaps
a little fear.  Bush's ascension to power in the most powerful nation in
the world is one of the scariest moments in global history. Quite simply
one of the leading lights from the ranks of the most intellectually and
morally challenged now has his finger on the trigger. Everyone knows that,
even (maybe especially) the right.

Kelly picked out Taiwan as focal point of the tension between China and US.
He finished by saying that how Bush handles this will be the real test of
his leadership.  I laughed at that, because no matter what Bush does the
toadies in the Australian will say he is  inspired.

Nevertheless there is a fear of the coming explosion in Asia.  Inexorably
the Chinese leadership will be forced to either challenge the USA or to
submit.  Within China not even the most avid of reformers or neo-liberals
could pull a surrender to US imperialism.

China will resist. The problem is that there is no Left outside China to
help them.



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