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>More than 150 years before NAFTA and the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the
>Americas--the focus of the demonstrations now taking place in Quebec
>City), Karl Marx analyzed the significance of "free trade" in a way that
>is entirely relevant today.  Here are brief excerpts from a speech he
>delivered in Brussels on Jan. 9, 1848.
>Jack Smith

Jack, this is interesting. Although I never actually checked what Marx
wrote on the topic before, Doug Henwood argued that Marx was "pro-free
trade" in 1848, even if "perversely so". In light of what you posted, this
seems like a misrepresentation:

         At 12:17 PM 5/8/96, DOUG ORR wrote:

        >I have a student who is working on a "pro and con" paper on NAFTA
and GATT.
        >She wants to find Web sites for both sides of the issue.  Does
anyone know
        >of any?

        For a perversely pro argument, try Marx's 1848 speech on free trade.



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