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> >More than 150 years before NAFTA and the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the
> >Americas--the focus of the demonstrations now taking place in Quebec
> >City), Karl Marx analyzed the significance of "free trade" in a way that
> >is entirely relevant today.  Here are brief excerpts from a speech he
> >delivered in Brussels on Jan. 9, 1848.
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> >Jack Smith
>Jack, this is interesting. Although I never actually checked what Marx
>wrote on the topic before, Doug Henwood argued that Marx was "pro-free
>trade" in 1848, even if "perversely so". In light of what you posted, this
>seems like a misrepresentation:
>          At 12:17 PM 5/8/96, DOUG ORR wrote:
>         >I have a student who is working on a "pro and con" paper on NAFTA
>and GATT.
>         >She wants to find Web sites for both sides of the issue.  Does
>anyone know
>         >of any?
>         For a perversely pro argument, try Marx's 1848 speech on free trade.
>         Doug

I guess Doug has not fully read Marx's statement in 1848, saying:

"If the free-traders cannot understand how one nation can grow rich at
the expense of another, we need not wonder, since these same gentlemen
also refuse to understand how within one country one class can enrich
itself at the expense of another."

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