Charles Brown CharlesB at
Fri Apr 20 11:22:16 MDT 2001

>>> schaffer at 04/20/01 12:37PM >>>
> Why is it that one cannot divide by zero ? Seems like special
> pleading.

well, whats-it-mean( divide-by-zero )? add that meaning to the laws,
and it'd be legal.


CB: For someone who is starting out in arithmetic, they can add zero, subtract zero,
multiply by zero, but not divide by zero.  I guess in that way zero is sort of a big
hole from the beginning. But aren't holes paradoxes ? I understood someone to be
saying paradoxes aren't really very significant in mathematics and its development.

here is something almost as difficult:

  whats-it-mean( divide-something-by-a-half )?


CB: Divide something in half, two equal parts ??


well, dividing by a number means (is defined as) multiplying by its
reciprocal, and what is a reciprocal?


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