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Sat Apr 21 07:55:49 MDT 2001

Hi Lou: Thanks for your quick reply, re Chaves, Peron, Kerensky et. al. I
agee with you position in general - but I think that many of the errors of
the post WWII Trotskyists of all brands except Moreno - were to cross the
line from defending to supporting these types of figures. I have in mind
here the currrent led by Mandel et. al. during the Algerian revolution, the
Healy current in relation to Libya, the POR with the MNR in Bolivia. Moreno
on the other hand made a worse error when he did not defend Peron in 1945
or 6, but learned from it, and defended Peron in 1954. Moreno and the POR
's expereince are probably the most interesting - since they were actually
in the countries' where the action was taking place. Anthony

Louis Proyect
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