Short Report from Quebec

gdunkel at gdunkel at
Mon Apr 23 00:07:30 MDT 2001

This is very short because I just got back from Quebec.

On thew Black Bloc -- a number of them were speaking French.  My
guess is that they were NOT all American.

There were TCA/CAW (Travailleurs canadien d'auto/Canadian auto
workers) and CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) directly
confronting the cops.  More on this later.

CLAC (Convergence des luttes anti-capitalistes) & CASA (Comité
d'Accueil du Sommet d'Amériques) organized torch-lit march Thursday
night, major march/confrontation at perimeter Friday, as well as an anti-
imperialist contingent in the march on Saturday.

Protests lasted a long time on Friday, from 1 pm to well after midnight;
similarlly on Saturday.  The youth were determined to make their voices
heard and keep the pressure on.

Press coverage in Canada was extensive.  Page after page in all the
Quebec papers.

Sorry I don't have more time.


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