FTAA "Democracy Clause"

Brian James hillbily at SPAMintergate.ca
Sun Apr 22 02:47:05 MDT 2001


At a news conference Saturday night, [Prime Minister Chretien]
emphasized that all 34 leaders had agreed to a "democracy clause" that
places conditions on any enlarged free trade zone.

"The benefits of any agreement we reach will flow only to those nations
who abide by our democratic clause," Chrétien said. "A country must be
directed by a democratic government."

Details of the declaration are expected to be released Sunday, when the
summit ends.

The concept of "democracy" may vary from place to place, the prime
minister acknowledged, especially when countries that have only just
begun to elect governments are compared to political systems in place
for more than a century.

But he said the Organization of American States (OAS) will closely
monitor its members, and pass judgment collectively on whether a
country's democratic system is in doubt because of rigged elections or
other problems.

For the second day in a row, Chrétien backed the actions of police at
the summit. He said order was maintained, despite the efforts of some
protesters intent on busting through a security fence.

"We knew there were some people who wanted to come and stop us," he

"But look what happened. We discussed democracy. We have a clause on
democracy. We have discussed all the elements that are needed to help
the 800 million people living in the Americas to prosper in the future."


"Democracy" here obviously has nothing to do with the interests of the
masses. Corrupt governments are as bad in the eyes of neo-liberals as
socialistic ones. Whether they interfere in national industries to
redistribute wealth socially, or to line their own pockets, is equally
unacceptable to investors who want all industries on the open market.
The governments that rig elections are the same ones that siphon the
wealth of national industries into their own pockets. That wealth will
now be siphoned into pockets of rich investors to the North. The PRI of
Mexico signed its own death warrant when it signed NAFTA, causing the
Northern elite to switch its allegiance to the new anti-corruption "free
market" guy.


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