The Quebec Declaration: a continental Platt Amendment.

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> Chavez's repudiation of the democracy clause as hateful, because it
> seeks to pit peoples that should be brothers against each other,
> carries all the more weight. His credentials insofar as formal
> democracy goes are unimpeachable. (Scribblers for the bourgeois
> press show how silly they are by pointing out he led an unsuccessful
> coup against the previous corrupt, anti-democratic regime in
> Venezuela, as if this somehow casts doubts on his democratic bona
> fides, when, of course, it does precisely the opposite.)

In fact, it was a democratic coup in the sense that the movement
attempted to restore popular sovereignty recklessly emptied of any
reasonable meaning by the political system led by those corpses, AD
and COPEI. What is considered "democracy" by the Quebec document has
little to do with "government of the people, for the people, by the
people" and more with "safety for the right of the propertied ones,
formal acceptance of the laws that favor them, right to betray
massively one's voters once in power". Probably the most appropiate
name for such a regime is "formalism"(even "conservative formalism"),
not "democracy".

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