Peruvian Shootdown (was The Quebec declaration ...)

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Mon Apr 23 16:40:07 MDT 2001

Jose said:

> So what this "accident" reveals to the whole world is that the
> national governments in that region, with the outstanding and
> honorable exception of President Hugo Chavez's administration in
> Venezuela, are increasingly tending to be transformed into direct
> instruments of the United States, carrying out the orders of their
> American home office.

on the news tonite it was reported that there was a Peruvian officer
right on board the CIA surveillance flight.

the news report continued by chronicling the work of the young woman
murdered by a bullet through her heart, a bullet which also killed her
7 month old child lying in her arms.

then the news piece ended with a comment on how her parents bear no
feelings of "revenge", that their daughter was doing the work of god
and was following her calling, the logic thus being that no one here
on earth is to blame for the tragedy.

les schaffer

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