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Hinrich Kuhls kls at SPAMonline-club.de
Tue Apr 24 14:07:13 MDT 2001

At 11:25 18.04.01 -0400 Lou wrote:

>Two things. One me and Les have been discussing the possibility of starting
>a "radical computing" mailing list on Yahoo and will inform comrades when
>this is about to happen.

This not my "kinda fish", but perhaps the following interview and related
links are of interest here.

http://www.nettime.org/nettime.w3archive/200104/msg00127.html :

"Oekonux is a radical German mailinglist discussing free software from
green-alternative and post-Marxist perspectives. The tone on the list is
unusually open, not to say utopian. There is a true sense of possibilities
felt: a free software revolution; revolution through free software. This
weekend the Oekonux list is holding its first conference, in the grey,
industrial city of Dortmund...."  [longish,  about 25 kb]

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