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Chapter 4 of "Trust Us, We're Experts," by John Stauber and Shelly
Rampton begins with a quote from Rachel Scott's book, "Muscle and
Blood." She says,

"They shrug at the pleas of workers whose health they destroy in order
to save money. They hire experts--physicians and researchers--who
purposely misdiagnose industrial diseases as the ordinary diseases of
life, write
biased reports, and divert research from vital questions. They fight
against regulation as unnecessary and cry that it will bring
ruination. They
ravage the people as they have the land, causing millions to suffer needlessly
and hundreds of thousands to die."

The chapter is about the Hawk's Nest tragedy of the 1930's. Hundreds of
workers at a Union Carbide mine died from silicosis due to complicity by
doctors working for the company. The abuse was covered up for many years
by government and corporate thugs.

It was not until 1986 that Martin Cherniack, wrote "Hawk's Nest
Incident." Today the corporations not only continue to cover up health
threats to humans, but the research industry itself harms humans to
increase profits. Human medical research, with no penalties for non compliance
with the few laws that exist, is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry.

State and US Legislatures, and executive public officials, act no
different than the West Virginia Governor did in 1939 to keep the public
from knowing about the harms done in the name of profits or science.
"Trust Us, We're Experts," is about the Public relations Industry and
it role
in keeping facts from the public.

The academic community, the medical research industry and the
pharmaceutical industry can censor or slant what gets published in
mainstream media outlets. They exploit the harms done to human subjects
to promote more taxpayer funding for more abuses.

Potemkin Villages are created by corporate or government agencies to
give the appearance of advocacy for humans harmed by medical
researchers. In Massachusetts there are Human Rights Commissions, and
Commissions on Disabilities. The Cambridge Human Rights Commission
gave an award in 2000, to a landlord for not raising rents as much as
other landlords.
Disabilities Commissioners often express overt bias toward persons
with disabilities.

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) conducts abusive
experiments on humans. Not a practice one would expect from an advocate
for patients.

When health care providers seek increased funding before the
legislatures, they point to discrimination against persons with
disabilities. In between funding campaigns the issue of discrimination
is never heard.

The care givers benefit from the bias toward their clients. Abusive
caregivers are never held accountable due to the bias among oversight

The same PR firms and medical professionals, who distorted the needs of
workers leading them to their deaths by corporate greed in the 1930's,
use the same techniques of censorship to lead unknowing humans to needless
suffering and deaths today in the name of science.

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