explanations by an ex-Mugwump

William Warren celtman at SPAMhotmail.com
Wed Apr 25 21:11:40 MDT 2001

  I still remember the pained spontaneous cries of "That's internal"
when an IT comrade,who had previously introduced me to the ITs
position on China in an exploratory way during the meat boycott picket
rose from the audience to state his position in reply to the speaker's reply
to my tentative question on the subject. After stating half
of "you son of a " the speaker did proceed to state the official line.
(Whether close sympathizers to an organization should be spoon-fed
the official line during an educational while being kept in the dark
about an ongoing pre-convention debate on the grounds that one must present
a united -Monolithic? face to the public sort of determines
what you interpret Leninist discipline to mean).
    I also remember asking permission to go to the party of the ITers
from Lenore Sheridan. She said of course I had the right to go
to any gathering of members of YSA?. She did so,however, in a tone of
condescending distaste and as explaining something to a child-which
was probably partly merited.

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