American anti-Asian and anti-Chinese racism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Apr 27 13:14:31 MDT 2001

>American anti-Chinese racism is up. Gee. I wonder why.
>"As a result of the standoff over the release of the crew of the U.S.
plane, which
>made an emergency landing in China, talk-show hosts began calling for
internment of
>Chinese Americans and for boycotts of Chinese restaurants."
>Americans are fucking genocidal maniacs

There really is a racist build-up in the country. This morning radio
shock-jock Don Imus, who made the cover of Newsweek magazine a couple of
years ago as one of America's most 100 influential people, spent a
half-hour whipping up his audience against Asians, making an amalgam of the
spy plane incident and Kerrey's war crimes.

He has been an outspoken advocate of "buy American", especially when it
comes to the junk that his brother sells in a mail order catalog out of New
Mexico. Always going on and on about how the baseball caps are good stuff
made by Americans, and not those cheesy things made in China. So recently
somebody who bought a coffee mug from the Imus brothers turned it over and
discovered a "Made in China" label. Upon discovering this, Imus announced
this morning that he was trashing the cups in line with the US Army
decision to scrap black berets made in China. Imus explained that he would
prefer to make the mugs in the USA even though it was hard to find
motivated workers. This prompted his racist sidekick Bernard McGurk to
chime in with a minstrel "black" accent: "When's my next break".

>From there they segued to a half-hour of apologetics for Kerrey. Explaining
that "everybody was our enemy over there." And that he had more guts than
the liberal commentators who criticized them who were a bunch of pansies.
Included in this homophobic attack was Newsweek writer Jonathan Alter who
Imus said for no good reason was probably gay. Alter was then interviewed
momentarily by Imus, but did not call him to task for the crude remark. So,
there you have it. "Yellow peril", black stereotyping and homophobia served
up raw.

I listen to this crap in the morning just to get a handle on "inside the
beltway" thinking. Every morning Imus has on a-list senators, journalists,
presidential candidates, authors, etc. From time to time, media critics get
on his case but mostly the elite are afraid of his power. With people like
Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus and Howard Stern dictating political parameters on
commercial radio, it is all the more important for us to defend
free-speech, radical radio. All out tomorrow to defend WBAI in NYC. The
march assembles at the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge at 1pm. The
march ends at WBAI office on 120 Wall Street at 2pm.

Louis Proyect
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