Scary Times was Re: American anti-Asian and anti-Chinese racism

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Apr 27 15:50:35 MDT 2001

With the election of a hard liner in Japan and a dangerous idiot in the
USA, things are looking quite scary. It is making me ponder whether there
might be something in the ISO line that we are enduring a re-run of the 30s
but in slomo.

Here in Oz, Prime Minister John Howard came out in support of Bush over
Taiwan and got a rebuke from the Chinese Embassy. Interestingly there was
something of a nervous reaction in the media that Howard may have gone too
far. The Australian ruling class seemingly cannot make up its mind between
Asia and America.  There has been talk of a free trade zone agreement with
the States but there is still a feeling that Australia's future is in the
Asian region and that too close ties to the USA might be a hindrance.



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