anti eu-demostrations in sweden.

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> over here in new york there was no coverage of that, but then again, if there was a
>protest in the middle of new york you wouldnt hear about it in the corporate media.

could imagine that.. especially whit the Quebec thing going on..

>anyway, as a portuguese-american i'm interested in the anti-eu movement, especially
>from the leftist perspective.  what are the reasons leftists give for opposing the

Its a question of defending the democratic and social progress that the working class
has won in the last 100 years. In the last 10 years the Swedish welfare state have
been slaughtered, and it all can be traced back to EU in some form or another (ether
to adapt the politics to EU so that Sweden could become members or obeying the
neo-liberal laws of the European union) An independent social politic is impossible to
have as an member of EU and its the same whit an economic politic. Of course it wont
follow automatically that there will be an change away from neo-liberalism even if we
levee the union, but the possibility to change is at least there. And it is important
to se that if Sweden leaves the union three will be an big change in the power between
the classes. And leaving the union is not that far fetch.. when we voted about EU the
'yes' side won whit just a few percentage. Recent pools shows that something like 66%
would have voted no in that election. And a little bit !
more than 30% want to leave the Union Right now. And of course the biggest opposition
is to be found in  the working-class

EU is also an military project, where Sweden has promised to send almost 2000 soldiers
to the new EU military that will work for the European imperialism. Or if you put it
in some "fancier" words. To protect European interest wherever they are on earth. And
to that "neutral" Sweden has put 2000 of it's best troops. Now it just an question of
when, not if, Sweden will go to war for the first time on nearly 200 years.

I have almost certainly forgot about something important now, but in to tired to
noticed :/

>is there a realistic chance of stopping the euro currency?

In EU as a whole no, in Sweden yes, three will be an election about that in a few
years, the socialdemocrats don't want it to take place to soon, because the no side is
ahead whit 15-20%. Even whit the Massive propaganda this last couple of months that
Sweden has had the place as "president" (I us this word because I cant come up whit an
better word in English) of the union the 'no' side has had an small increase in
percentage.  Even if the propaganda wwill increas to enen greater hights when the
"election" comes closer (every big national news agincy is in fawor of joining EMU)
the propaganda will be harder to actualy convince pole taht it is "the best thing for
sweden  as a country to do" becuse pople still have clear memoris of the "election"
for or against joining EU. nearly every singel promise taht the 'yes' side made ther
have not ben fullfild. Insted the Neo liberal politc that was first used in the
begining of the 90s have ben even more present in swedish politics. I !
think the swedish people will be quite hard to convince. So a no is quite likely

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