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Belgrade has produced exactly zero witnesses to testify against Milosevic,
who is being held for "investigation" - making clear this is an attempt to
destroy him physically (he developed a heart condition immediately after
incarceration which has not been properly treated).  There is overwhelming
opposition to this and other U.S.- ordered attacks in Serbia.  Auto workers
at biggest car plant have seized it.  Socialists are rallying there today.

Please sign and circulate the following petition:

URL for petition is
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We the undersigned demand that the Serbian authorities immediately release
Slobodan Milosevic and all other Serbian patriots from jail.

The arrest of Mr. Milosevic is an attempt by NATO leaders to blame the
Serbian people for crimes against Yugoslavia committed by NATO.

We demand that Mr. Milosevic immediately be given proper medical treatment,
in the hospital of his choice, with doctors of his choice, for a heart
condition that appeared only after he was jailed.

We demand that neither Slobodan Milosevic, nor any other Yugoslav, be sent to
the Hague Tribunal.

We demand an end to the arbitrary kidnapping, arrest, harassment and
persecution of Yugoslav leaders and soldiers and ordinary people whose crime
was to set an example to the world by resisting NATO aggression.

Free Slobodan Milosevic at once!

End persecution of Mr. Milosevic and all Yugoslav patriots and soldiers at

Jail the real war criminals: the NATO leaders who committed crimes against
humanity and against Yugoslav sovereignty and who continue to commit those
crimes today.

Petition is being circulated by the International Committee to Defend
Slobodan Milosevic, or ICDSM at icdsm at To sign petition, please click
here or go to


1. Professor Velko Vlkanov, Member of Parliament, President of the Bulgarian
Antifascist Union, Chairman ICDSM

2. Professor Mihail N. Kuznecov, Russian Federation, Vice-Chairman ICDSM

3. Jared Israel, Editor, Emperor's Clothes, USA, Vice-Chairman ICDSM,

4. Harold Pinter, Playwright, England

5. George Szamuely, Journalist, USA

6. Sergey Kiyashko, Deputy of Parliament, Ukraine

7. Nikos Fotiadis, Vice-President, Peace Committee of Greece

8. A. M. Archipov, MP, Head of Parliamentary Legislative Commission, Belarus

9. S. I. Kostyan, MP, Deputy-head of Parliament Foreign Relations Commission,
Chairman, Belarus Slavonic Committee

10. Vladimir Krsljanin, International Committee, Socialist Party of Serbia,

11. Dimitris Kaltsonis, MP, Greece

12. William J. Spring , Chairman, Christians Against NATO Aggression (CANA),

13. Klaus von Raussendorff , Germany

14. Blagovesta Doncheva, Bulgaria

15. Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky , Argentina

16. Klaus Hartmann, Chairman, World Union of Freethinkers, Germany

17. Professor Rui Namorado Rosa, Portugal

18. John Jay, England

19. Dr. Stanislav Patejdl, Czech Peace Society

20. Dr. Pavel Polachek, Czech Republic

21. Professor Stefan Leder, Poland

22. Nico Varkevesser, Global Reflexion, Netherlands

23. Professor Nina Stepanovna Markovskaya, Ukraine

24. Vladimir M. Yatsenko, MP, Ukraine

25. Christopher Black, Attorney, Canada

26. Professor Peter Maher, USA

27. Rick Rozoff, USA

28. Dr Mimi Vitkova, Bulgaria

29. Professor Ch. S. Yatsenko, Academician, Russia

30. Dr V. N. Romashchenko, Ukraine

31. Jole Stanishich, Writer, Yugoslavia

32. Irina Efanova, Ukraine

33. Ol'ga Soloveva, Ukraine

34. Olla Ef Grigor'eva, Ukraine

35. Zahari Zahariev, Bulgaria

36. Boris Oliynik, Ukraine

37. Oleg Kapashnikov, Ukraine

38. Akim Kornilov, Ukraine

39. Miroslav Vogl, Czech Republic

40. Vojtech Filip, MP, Czech Republic

41. Paolo Pioppi, Ramsey Clark Tribunal in Italy, Fondazione Pasti

42. Ralph Hartmann, Former Ambassador, Publicist, Germany

43. Loranz Knorr, Publicist, Germany

44. Larisa Vasil'evna Cukanova, Ukraine

45. Elena Vasil'evna Romashchenko, Ukraine

46. Valentina D. Shtraus, Attorney, Russia

47. Wil van der Klift, Chief-Editor, Manifest, Netherlands

48. Dr. Rajko Dolechek, Czech Republic

49. Georgii Vasil'evich Shchekin, Ukraine

50. Thanassis Georgiou, Greece

51. Dr Erika Kosse, Germany

52. Dr Hansjorg Schneider, Germany

53. Karen Talbot, USA

54. Lenora Forestal, USA

This petition was written and is being circulated by the International
Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic (ICDSM) at icdsm at . The initial
signers, listed above, are members of the Committee. Signing indicates
agreement with the content of the petition. One need not be an ICDSM member
to sign, nor does signing make one a member of the Committee. We urge any and
every group or individual to circulate the petition, print it, put it on
Websites, etc. Please send the names of new signers to freeslobo at You
may write your own support literature, or use available material, which will
be posted and updated daily at
For more information see .

International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic icdsm at

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