Our Very Weird Harassment Experiences in Pocatello, Idaho USA

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at SPAMearthlink.net
Sat Apr 28 10:24:17 MDT 2001

This is from Hunter Gray [Hunter Bear] at Pocatello, Idaho.  I  certainly
don't want to clutter up any excellent discussion list with a personal
situation of frivolous nature.  But I do believe that the very weird,
harassing experiences that we've had here in Idaho for almost four years  --
including  obvious interference with our United States mail and the refusal
by Regional Postal Inspection authorities at Seattle to even acknowledge
three very detailed and specific complaints of mine  -- raise  the very
obvious probability of some sort of direct Federal involvement of
traditionally repressive nature.  As some individuals on these lists, with
whom I've already communicated on this latest situation are aware, a large
and securely packaged  -- in very tough and resilient waterproof  plastic
material -- US Postal Priority Mail shipment of publications from Committees
of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, mailed to me from New York
City on April 19, finally reached me on the obviously late date of April 26.
When I opened it, I found that the publications therein were very
substantially water-soaked --  ostensibly ruined -- very much as though the
entire packet had been dunked in water which had then entered through a
small opening at the mouth of the mailing container. [The outside mailing
label, though dry, was obviously water-stained.]  Thanks to my wife and the
hot Idaho sun on our back porch,  the 20 publications [ten copies of the
nicely done Corresponder and ten of the excellent Dialogue & Initiative] are
dry and readable -- though badly crinkled.  This is obviously blatant
sabotage and only the latest example in a long string of such  -- in the
context of harassment.  We certainly have every reason to believe that this
happened here at Pocatello -- given everything that's been occurring.  I
immediately reported this to CCDS.

I strongly believe that left radicals should be aware of our bizarre
experiences -- and  should  be generally alert.  Our story is now rather
involved and much indeed  is indicated on our Website  www.hunterbear.org
in the upper part of  its Directory [Index]
http://www.hunterbear.org/directory.htm and that Index portion immediately
leads to a  link  http://www.hunterbear.org/camp.htm   going to our quite
detailed [and, as of late yesterday, very much up-dated] account of our

We shall continue to fight on, as we always have, and the likelihood of our
utilizing appropriate legal counter-thrusts in this  whole sorry situation
is very high -- as well as any other "ethical means at our command."

In Solidarity -

Hunter Gray [Hunterbear]
Hunter Gray

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