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Sat Apr 28 12:39:30 MDT 2001

Mine Aysen Doran wrote:

>> Is it racist to fight to defend the victories of the working class
>>the neo-liberal dictates from the EU?
>>Magnus Bernhardsen

>as far as I can tell, W is criticizing Scandinavian social democrats
>Aren't these folks pro-capitalist indeed? (albeit _differently_
>pro-capitalist/imperialist from EU).

>what he is saying above is that defending the social democratic model of
>Scandinavians is not a  perfect solution to the dictates from EU.....after
>all, the welfare state of the Scandinavian variety is a benefactor of
>European imperialism in general. so positing the model as a morally
>superior thing to EU is just a self- contradiction.

>If he said this about Eastern European folks, I _might_ kind of agree with
>you, since they are historically the semi-periphery of the European
>economy. They will gain little if they join EU. It will cause further

Wallerstein is for me an example of the Europhile intellectuals who argue
for European Unity against America, for example. The article was meant to
illustrate this.

Of course socialist revolution is to prefer over social-democracy. And of
course social-democracy is based on super-profits from imperialism. The
leading social-democrats, Labour, are the most europhile in Norway.

The special nordic model of the welfare state among other things have
*universal* welfare goods. That means that everybody are entitled to the
same health care / child support / pension rights / maternity leave. In the
EU they to a larger extent have these forms of welfare according to labour
and employment, which means that only those employed get pension rights,
for example. Do you think it is moralistic to fight for universal welfare

The question of EU / not-EU is not a question of, directly, socialism vs
capitalism. It is, amongst others, a fight against the European
super-state. It is against a common European fiscal policy dictated by

Magnus Bernhardsen

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